Auto Pilot Affiliate Marketing

Learn The Art Of Money Making Skill

    1. What is an affiliate marketing ?

    2. How do i start affiliate marketing ?

    3. What is niche ?

    4. PayPal Account Setup

    5. Payoneer Account Setup

    6. 10 Best Affiliate Platform

    7. ClickBank account and Payout Setup

    8. Jvzoo Account Setup

    9. ClickFunnel Account Setup

    1. Hook Story Offer

    2. What is Value Ladder ?

    3. Traffic Source

    4. Customer Avatar

    1. What is sales funnel ? How does it work ??

    2. How To Make Sales Funnel On

    3. How To Add Custome Domain On

    4. How To Create Business Email On Hostinger Pannel ?

    5. How To Verified Business Email On ?

    6. How To Setup Email Autorespunder on ?

    7. How to connect Email Campaign to funnel so user can get email on direct inbox.

    8. How To Make Landing Page For KetoDiet On

    9. How to Generate Privacy Policy and add On Landing page

    1. Type of Audience - ? Audience Traffic Temprature ? ?

    2. How To Find Right Traffic For Affiliate Product ?

    1. How to signup and setup account on Google Ads / Type of Google Ads

    2. Keyword Research Before starting Google Ads ?

    3. Premium Feature of Google Ads Dashboard.

    4. Type of Keyword On Google Ads

    5. Type of Google ads Group ?

    6. How to create your first search ad on Google Ads ?

    7. How To Create Ad Group And Placement Keywords ?

    8. What is Display Ad ? How does it work on Google Ads ?

    9. How to create display ads on Google ads for Affiliate Product Keto Diet ?

    10. How to create Video Ad on Google Ads for Affiliate Product ?

    11. How to add Google ads tracking id on funnel section.

    1. What is Facebook Ad ? Fundamental Of Facebook Ads ?

    2. What are the difference among Ad Manager / Business Suits / Creator Studio ?

    3. Facebook own three more advertising companies.

    4. Type of Facebook ads ?

    5. What is Facebook Business Page ? How to create it ??

    6. What is Facebook Meta Business Suit Page ? Feature and Function ??

    7. What is Facebook Ad Manager ?

    8. What is Facebook Pixel Id and How Does it Work ?

    9. What is Facebook Campaign Ad Set level and How does does it work ?

    10. What is Facebook Pixel helper ?

    11. How to create Audience Manager ?

    12. How To Create Facebook Feed Image/video ad for Affiliate Product ?

    13. How to install Facebook Pixel and setup at Funnel section.

    14. How to Protect Facebook account from disabled ? How to recovered Facebook Ad account?

Auto Pilot Affiliate Marketing

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Here you'll learn the art of online money-making business as an affiliate marketer and you'll be able to establish yourself in online business. This course will teach you each and every level of affiliate marketing.  

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